"The Power to Change"

The book is a guide for a 12 Step Programme of problem solving and personal development which has been
evolved from the highly successful 12 Step Programme as is found in the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Because the principles of change which A.A. have employed over the last sixty five years have been tried and
tested in the field, this new Programme confidently presents itself as a safe and sure way to enhance any reader's
sanity, humanity and individuation within any personal search for a "way to change".

The Steps in the book "The Power to Change" have been crafted to keep all the potency of structure so beautifully
contained in the original which restores hopeless addicts to health and sanity, yet the reader will find that the
words in the steps are contemporary and applicable to problem solving and personal health issues which face
anyone who is seriously concerned to find a deeper meaning to their life.
This approach to personal change
will not fail if the Programme is worked methodically and with honesty, carefully following the clarifications
contained in the book.

Millions of ordinary men and women throughout the world have followed the same Principles as are contained in
"The Power to Change" and can bear witness to their efficacy. It is a real privilege to now invite anyone with a
sincere wish to change any area of their life, to enter into a simple and potent remedial therapy that clearly
connects Ancient Spiritual Principles with the practical needs of the next millennium.

The contents of this book are in no way endorsed or authorised by the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous
and ultimately, the author depends upon God alone for any inspiration and clarification which may be
contained therein.
The book "The Power to Change" is offered as a key tool for any person who sincerely
wishes to change and deepen their understanding of the Unity of Existence towards which modern science
and technology now directs our global attention and witness.

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